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After working for many years with Voice Studio International, led by Nadine George,

I propose a voice work that allows to develop a consciousness of the relationship between

the voice and the body.

This work reveals the authenticity of the voice, to express all vocal and artistic potential.

By working and developing your singular voice, the objective is to explore sounds related to male and female energy, thus making it possible to connect organically to the body and the voice.


Objectives :


Understand the importance of relaxation,

Practice breathing techniques,

Become more focused and relaxed

Build, anchor, a full and resonant sound in his voice

Carry the energy and resonance of your voice

Develop your presence on stage

Build self-confidence with your vocal instrument.





"When I started working with Laurent, it often happened that I couldn't get a single sound out of my mouth when I was projecting the voice. 

As an actress, I let you imagine my embarrassment...

Thanks to the voice work, I discovered a power and a vocal richness that I never knew I had.

The voice work allowed me to become more aware of my energy and how to channel it.

In my profession, it is a considerable technical support.

Things are gradually integrating. Without even realizing it. And the work continues outside the internships. 

I believe that to get results quickly, you have to be ready to change and see people's view of you change. 

In all kindness and relaxation, Laurent allows us to explore his voice and in this exploration to discover a little more : the voice being very closely linked to the personality. 

To explore your voice is to explore yourself."



"The work of the voice brought me on and off the stage. 

My first impression was a feeling of freedom : I discovered an inner power, linked to my energy, that was released by the voice. A still unknown force, anchored in the body, that I awakened during this first weekend of work.

It was a great discovery in life : my voice came out, asserted itself, linked to the body, my true voice. 

As an actor, it is a valuable working tool, which only allows us to assert ourselves on stage but leads to a strong body dynamic on stage, releasing energy and expression. It is also a work of discovery of our whole range of voices, from low to high notes, essential to the construction of a character."



"Through the voice lessons and Laurent's benevolent and attentive professionnal support, I was able to discover buried parts of myself, whose voice is a true revealer, but also to transform my blockages, my fear, into a strength, which has been a strong experience for me, and it serves me daily today".



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